Switching packaging companies puts Prevail in a more appealing position to retail

Prevail is the latest product to be launched by Progress Through Science – a vitamin and mineral pre-plenishment powder that is consumed before drinking alcohol to reduce the effects of a hangover. As well as taking Prevail before drinking alcohol, it has been scientifically proven that you can use Prevail whenever you feel run down, stressed or are recovering from minor illnesses such as cold and flu.

Alex Hilton-Johnson co-founded Progress Through Science after being approached by Arlin, the brains behind the formula. Alex said: “The team at Progress Through Science put a lot of thought and effort into creating Prevail. We wanted to make a truly effective product that we could be rightly proud of, a product that would be recognised by the consumer as being the best ‘pre-drink’ supplement on the market to date. I trialled the formula as soon I received it on a group of between 40-50 participants within the US – the results were outstanding; the product really did assist in preventing hangovers.”

After Alex and his business partner from Mid Nutrition (another company Alex manages) decided to get on board with Prevail, they swiftly began to look for the perfect packaging. Alex commented: “We wanted to move away from the typical supplement packaging, plastic tubs, to something a little more innovative.”

He continued: “We undertook research into numerous packaging companies and came across Tyler Packaging. We contacted them and explained what we were looking for. When Matt Baldock and Mark Proffitt arrived for our initial meeting in September 2012 they brought along some fantastic pouch and sachet samples that caught our eye. They were up-to-date, modern, environmentally friendly and we were instantly sold. The sachets we chose have three layers; the printed layer is PET, the barrier level is aluminium and the sealing layer is PE. The most interesting part is that the aluminium layer excludes moisture, oxygen and other gases, micro-organisms and light, as well as maintains degradable products in peak condition over long periods. It stops all kinds of contamination to the product. It’s an excellent barrier.”

Progress Through Science already had a packaging company in place for their large pouch that provides 20 servings but were looking for a new packaging company that could supply small, single-serving pouches at a competitive price.

Alex added: “We wanted single-serving sachets that were specially constructed for the consumers’ safety and convenience. We looked at the competition and some are using plastic tubs and test tubes for similar scenarios, but this isn’t ideal for our clients. The industry really needs to start listening to the consumer and giving them the latest in innovations. The single-serving sachet allows the consumer to carry one serving around with them on nights out in case they feel they need it or forgot to take it prior to consuming alcohol.”

A large, successful European distributor of sports and health supplements recently approached Progress Through Science but due to the previous packaging that Progress Through Science was using, they were unable to meet the cost targets requested. Switching to Tyler Packaging allowed Progress Through Science to meet the lower packaging cost required.

A company within the Caribbean has also placed a large order for Prevail. “It’s going international very quickly,” Alex commented. “Every single month there are 15,000 Internet searches for the term ‘hangover cure.’ Prevail was launched in December 2012 and we’re still very much in the early promotional stages, yet our initial order with Tyler Packaging was for 200,000 single-serving sachets; we’re expecting big things from Prevail. Moving from our previous packaging company to Tyler Packaging means we’re now in the position to offer a more appealing price to the retail, plus we have some fantastic packaging that not only looks good but does the job brilliantly.”

The company has also been in talks with a few drinks’ manufacturers and is considering formulating Prevail into a pre-made drink. Alex stated: “The potential for Prevail to grow is massive, especially within the market, but for now the reality is about boosting sales. Maybe one day you’ll see us walking around festivals; we’ll be the ‘hangover police.’”

Alex concluded: “At the moment, the consumer can only purchase Prevail from our website but this will be sure to change in the future. This was a major reason why I wanted to focus so much time and detail on the packaging because, if we get this right, it will play a vital role in sales when the product becomes available on the shelves. Thanks to Tyler Packaging, we’ve not only got a great piece of packaging that works on a practical level but is also innovative, cool and will be a huge marketing tool in itself. Throughout the whole process, their expertise has been second to none and the end result is one of high quality. No hangovers here!”


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